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Nature Aquarium Academy

In Local Fish Shop on February 26, 2012 at 00:01

The owners of the Academy, from left: Raphael Draczyński, Martin Bunch and Paul Iglewski.

If you live in Poland and you are an aquascaper, then you are pretty lucky when compared to the rest of us.

Nature Aquarium Academy is a local fish shop that is just awesome for aquascapers. As its name suggest, they carry the whole range of Aqua Design Amano goods and the shop’s aquascapes are clearly inspired by the Nature Aquarium style.

The compact shop reeks of great character, we can just imagine spending much time there pouring over each aquascape, chatting with fellow aquascapers or just soaking in the atmosphere. It really reminds us of a cosy cafe to spend a lazy afternoon at.

Check out the films of the shop that were shot by Definite Aquascape. We need a shop like this locally!


credit: Nature Aquarium Academy | Definite Aquascape TV


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