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ADG’s Goldfish Aquarium | ADA 120-H

In Film on November 22, 2011 at 11:49

Design Group created this fantastic looking goldfish tank that was featured on the cover of Tropical Fish Hobbyist (December 2011). The aquarium that ADG used was an ADA 120-H of measurements 120cm (length) x 45cm (depth) x 60cm (height), giving it a greater height than traditional 120cm aquariums.

ADG states that this aquarium design makes one feel that they are viewing a pristine koi pond, instead of a normal aquarium. We completely agree with them and know that this design is going to inspire not a small number of goldfish hobbyists into having their own ‘pond’, right at home.


All picture and video credits: Aquarium Design Group | ADGVibe


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