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Fluval’s Marimo Ball

In Filtration on January 28, 2012 at 00:01

Fluval by Hagen has released a unique product. Phosphate removers are nothing new, but to have thought to incorporate it within an artificial moss ball, brings a smile to our faces.

The Marimo ball or Cladophora algae, holds a special place in many of our hearts because of its spherical shape and sponge-like properties. Fauna such as shrimps adore it as a feeding ground because their fine hairs trap food and detritus. So instead of placing phosphate removers in your filter, you now have the option of placing one of these artificial Marimo balls in your aquarium.

The only drawback to these Marimo balls, is the fact that chemical filtration usually have a very short effective life cycle within the aquarium before they need to be replaced or recharged. The phosphate remover within these Marimo balls cannot be replaced and they last about 2 months. That would mean that you will need to get new Marimo balls every 2 months to ensure optimal phosphate remover levels.

These artificial Marimo balls appear in a much lighter shade of green as compared to the real Marimo balls, but once placed in water, they quickly resemble a similar dark shade of green. A more apparent difference between the two would be the hairs that form the Marimo. On the artificial one, the hairs are soft and wool-like. While on the real one, the hairs are more spiky and firm.

Fluval's Marimo Ball

Live Marimo Ball

We are glad that Fluval went out of the box for a chemical filtration product. And although some may not be happy with it not being rechargeable, we agree with the approach for it would have not been possible to create an artificial Marimo ball that looks this realistic and stay that way over a long period of time. Its soft, wool-like hairs that mimics the real Marimo ball would not take kindly to multiple washings.

If for some reason you cannot get a Marimo ball in your area, have difficulty keeping the real ones alive, or just want to save filter space while adding more green to your aquarium, give Fluval’s Marimo ball a go. For those who have one of these in your aquarium, do comment and let us know what you think of it!


pictorial credit: Fluval


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