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Takashi Amano Layout Seminar A | 180cm Cube Garden No.2

In Film on March 27, 2012 at 00:01

The recent Medaka No Gakkou Layout Seminar by ADA has resulted in a slew of short films of Takashi Amano aquascaping. Before the introduction of ADA View and the filming of such seminars, the only films of Takashi Amano aquascaping was during special events and trade shows. We bet many aquascapers are highly appreciative of such short films, every one a small nugget of inspiration.

In this film, Takashi Amano aquascapes a massive iwagumi using wabi-kusa. Instead of the traditional method of planting individual plantlets of foreground flora, the speed of aquascaping using wabi-kusa is simply amazing. In Japan, ADA’s home country, wabi-kusa is available for purchase in various local fish shops, but this is not so in many other countries. If our local fish shops will take the initiative to make these wabi-kusa available, we predict sales will be brisk and how we aquascape will change. Planting by wabi-kusa will also mean that planting heavily from the onset is possible for everyone and flora will grow well as there is no danger of them not rooting in the early stages of an aquascape.

We sometimes wonder if ADA goes through the same problems we encounter when aquascaping. Their aquascapes always seem flawless and not plague with algae or the other issues that we face. We deduce that experience plays a major role in avoiding any potential problems and in the film, Takashi Amano dispenses some of his experience. He mentions that effort should be taken to create a substrate that is as level as possible, this will ensure that flora would put out roots quickly and spread evenly, instead of growing densely without spreading.

The films in this layout Seminar have been most inspiring, we hope that such films will continue to be released.


credit: Aqua Design Amano | ADA View


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