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Nature Aquarium Party 2011

In Film on November 6, 2011 at 00:18

Aqua Design Amano’s annual Nature Aquarium Party is the highlight of the year for many aquascapers. At this event, the winning aquascapes of the year’s International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest is revealed and critiqued.

Besides the International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest, the Nature Aquarium Party is also a chance for all the Aqua Design Amano distributors to gather and bond over a few days with visits to Takashi Amano’s home, workshops at the ADA Gallery and participating in the famous ADA Iwagumi contest.

For the first time ever, ADA has filmed down and made available the entire Nature Aquarium Party. Here it is for your pleasure, do enjoy the party!


All Credits: Aqua Design Amano | ADA View


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