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2012 | Our Three Dreams

In Thoughts on December 15, 2011 at 15:55

With 2012 fast approaching, we have been deep in thought on how [TAG] should move forward into the new year. 2011 has been incredible and we did not have an inkling in our early months that the aquatic community would embrace us so strongly. Thank you so much for your support!

2012 is going to be a great year for [TAG]. On top of continuously innovating, to delivering a higher standard and polish in all that we currently do, we have three dreams that we want to see fulfilled in 2012.

The first is to make every effort to engage you. We are dreaming of a vibrant community that takes up resident here. To achieve this, we will be concentrating on two mediums, Facebook and comments.

To give you a reason to visit us on Facebook, we have ramped up its activity in early December and will continue to be very active on it. A big part of this hobby of ours has always been the community of hobbyists that we all belong to. All of us started with no knowledge and we learnt as we go along. For most of us, a big part of our learning was through the help of this community. [TAG] will make every effort to cultivate this community at our Facebook page. Unlike an open forum, any question posted on our Facebook page will be researched by our team and answered with certainty. Also, all other experienced hobbyists will be able to comment on your post as well. We greatly encourage you to frequent our Facebook page and to post pictures, questions, comments or criticisms.

We really love and appreciate all your comments! Although our statistics show that we are rapidly growing in viewership, there is nothing better than seeing an increase in comment activity. Your comments enable us to connect with you directly and to encourage you, we are committed to answer all your comments within the same day.

The second dream we have is to improve the way you view [TAG]. Our gazette’s easy interface has been a strength when compared to other aquarium websites, but we also understand that it can be a weakness when long articles fill up the front page and scrolling becomes a pain. Because of the limitations of our template, we have spent long sessions in thinking out of the box on how to implement a sleeker interface for your viewing pleasure.

As part of the improved interface, our home page of three columns will be permanently spilt into three sections. The first column will be feature a News Feed in which we highlight notable news throughout the aquatic world. The second and third columns will feature our latest posts in a very condensed form, ensuring that our home page stays much neater than it is now. Clicking into the second and third columns will bring you to the article’s dedicated page. Such an interface will always help those with slower internet connections as you will not be forced to load a data heavy home page.

The third dream we have for [TAG] in 2012 is a big one, to establish our own film unit, TAG TV. This will enable us to do all our reviews in a film and picture format. Also, we will be able to take you into local fish shops and trade shows around the region and see them as though you were there. Film is a fantastic format, it will enable us to literally break away with these walls of text and be more personal with you. We have identified the filming equipment we need, and we are setting into motion the establishment of our film department. All we need now is for the funds to flow in. If you want to see TAG TV realised, please continue to make us a daily part of your hobby and we will not only deliver to you a better viewing experience, but a more involving one.

An aquatic company recently commented that it was good [TAG] is still going strong, with the death rate of independent aquatic blogs or gazettes being very high. They voice out their concern because we are still solely lacking of partners, in spite of our increasing views.

Our reply was that [TAG] is here to stay, no matter if we get partners or not. Without partners, our dreams will just be implemented much slower, but they will be implemented. We love this hobby as much as you do, and when the going gets tough, we are just going to keep going. We will always be here to ensure that your hobby gets enriched.



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