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Takashi Amano aquascapes with Unzan Stone and Wabi-Kusa

In Film on February 2, 2012 at 00:01

ADA View, Aqua Design Amano’s film unit has published so many films in such a short period of time, that we have stopped trying to put them all up on [TAG] unless they are especially interesting. The vast majority of such films has been to catalogue changes in their aquarium growth and to put them all on [TAG] would not have been practical.

But once in a while, a film appears that is worth highlighting. This aquascape with Unzan Stone and Wabi-kusa is such a film.  The ADA aquarium used for this aquascape is an uncommon type that is only found at the ADA gallery and it’s not for sale. Also, because of its massive size, it uses a sump filter instead of ADA’s Super Jet filters.

Takashi Amano uses the new Unzan rock for this aquascape. And there are new techniques for adding moss to your hardscape that can be found in the second film that we will not spoil it for you here. We will also inspired by the way he used driftwood in this aquascape that really accentuates their beauty.

For us, this is one of the best aquascapes in recent times. New hardscape, unconventional aquascaping techniques and the constant  aquascaping innovation by ADA shows why they are still the foremost aquascaping company today.


Film credits: ADA View | Aqua Design Amano


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