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In Partner [TAG] on November 4, 2011 at 16:37

Isaac | It has been 6 months since [TAG]‘s inception and the journey that we have all been a part of, has been incredible.

[TAG]‘s existence and continuity has always been to add value to our readers, the hobbyist. To continue doing what we do, we now require the partnership of aquatic companies to help defray our monthly costs. These includes hosting expenses, more data space for pictures and the creation, maintenance of articles.

This article is therefore a highlight of our new Partner page. It is our wish that we will get a strong response from the aquatic community, empowering us to continue our work.

We thank you, our readers, for your support these past few months. We look forward to being able to serve you better, with more exciting and enriching content in the near future.

Partner [TAG]

[TAG] is committed to the enrichment of the hobbyist. To continue the publication of equipment reviews, tank builds, interesting news and pictorial articles, your partnership is essential.

We are always on the lookout to partner with responsible aquatic companies to ensure the sustained enrichment of the hobbyist. At the same time, we strive to be a strong partner by always working to increase our readership as in doing so, we increase our partners’ exposure and add value to them.

For just USD 50, you will be allocated a pictorial placement of size 300×300, and your linked placement will be viewed by more than 10,000 times monthly. Please view our current statistics and we hope that you will consider partnering with us, aiding us in our quest to enrich the hobbyist through our work.

Please contact for more details. Thank you.

[TAG] Statistics & Details

Date of establishment | 17th April 2011

Number of Articles | 70

Number of Pictures | 706

Total Page Views for October | 10,150

Average Page Views for October | 327

Total All Time Page Views | 44,096

Projects in the Works | Raven’s Fluval Edge Build | Water Changes | Eheim Aqua Compact

Projects in Planning | TAG TV

All information updated as of 31th October 2011.
For an official copy of our statistics, please contact us.


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