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Jewel Aquarium Co.

In Tank on October 29, 2011 at 02:26

Today’s rimless aquariums are the aquariums to have. Made popular by Aqua Design Amano, this minimalistic approach to our hobby is seen as the style to achieve for many aquascapers today.

But about 80 years ago, the opposite was true. Fancy aquariums with expensive metal fixtures and designs were the style of the day. In the United States of America, Jewel Aquarium Company was considered to be the Aqua Design Amano of today. In this short article, we will explore the aquariums made by this eminent aquarium company.

The Jewel Aquarium Company was based in Chicago, IL and manufactured fancy tanks with seahorse legs and hand hammered iron stands. The ends of these fancy tanks were cast iron coated with bronze.

The most expensive of their range had stylized dolphins or storks. These were fitted with grey slate beds and inner white porcelain. Some of these tanks also had center recirculators.

Jewel Aquariums also made a cheaper line of cast iron tanks in an art deco design. Although these aquariums were cheaper, they were still fitted with a Jewel name tag attached to the lower frame, or had the Jewel name cast into the tank frame on the cast iron tanks.

The Jewel Aquarium Co produced aquariums for public consumption from the 1920s to the 1930s. In the 1940s, they shifted to commercial production due to falling public demand for their aquariums. The company stopped operations in the 1950s.

Today, original Jewel Aquariums are valuable collector items because of their exquisite workmanship and solid construction. In superb condition, they are worth thousands of dollars today.


Jewel Catalog credits: David Smith


ADA View | Wabi Kusa

In Film on October 26, 2011 at 13:50

The Wabi Kusa concept created by ADA is one that is ideally suited for newcomers into the aquatic hobby. It is extremely simple to create, yet being peacefully elegant at the same time. In Japan and some other countries, it is possible to buy the Wabi Kusa from local fish shops instead of creating your own.

In these two films, ADA demonstrates the steps needed to establish and maintain a Wabi Kusa layout. ADA recommends the Wabi Kusa layout for beginners as it is hardy and less complex. They also suggest that killifish and shrimp can be kept in such an aquarium set up as the plants will sufficiently filter the aquarium.


All credits: Aqua Design Amano | ADA View

Fluval Edge | A Pictorial Celebration of your Passion

In Pictorial on October 24, 2011 at 20:22

When the Fluval Edge was released, aquascapers were wowed by its good looks and it generated significant interest. When the first aquascapers got their hands on the Edge, it became apparent that its good looks came at a price.

The main appeal of the Edge is the way the aquarium has been designed. Its stand is minimalistic and small, encouraging you to wonder how the seemingly gravity defying tank does not come crashing down. There is no visual evidence of any lights or filter, and although it is obvious that these are hidden in the aquarium stand, there is a curiosity to how Fluval fitted everything in it.

Because of an emphasis on its killer looks, the Edge had to compromise somewhere. Aquascapers have commented that the filter and lights that are provided with the Edge are not adequate for its size. However, there is such a dedication to the Edge that the community has taken to modding it with a passion. The end result is that the Edge is now able to host aquascapes that its original configurations were unable to support.

This pictorial article is to celebrate all Fluval Edge aquascapers. Not only do we at [TAG] acknowledge their dedication and passion, Fluval has been similarly moved as well. Closer towards the end of 2011, a new Fluval Edge will be introduced with LED lights, effectively addressing the number one issue of the original Edge.

Here are forty one Fluval Edges by The Planted Tank aquascapers, all a statement of passion for the hobby.





CGY Betta Guy






Green Leaf Aquariums




























This Fluval Edge by Mxx is our favourite. This jungle aquascape fills the Edge nicely, it must be stunning to behold. Here are 4 pictures of our favourite’s Edge.






Aquarium credits: Individual Owners
Forum credits: The Planted Tank

ELOS Roadshow | Petmart

In Local Fish Shop on October 21, 2011 at 14:44

While passing by Petmart last Sunday, we were pleasantly surprised that ELOS Singapore held a one day road show at our favourite local fish shop.

Rather than to rake in sales, this experimental roadshow emphasised on interacting with the hobbyist, the sharing of knowledge, ideas, and to answer any questions.

Although only one ELOS aquarium was set up with mock corals, we applaud the effort and dedication that ELOS Singapore has made to understand the hobbyist better.

We hope that they will continue their outreach efforts and work towards roadshows that feature filled and operational tanks in our local fish shops.


ADG | Hardscape for Discus

In Film on October 19, 2011 at 12:42

Aquarium Design Group | Featured in Tropical Fish Hobbyist’s (TFH) September 2011 issue in the Adventures in Aquascaping column, we take you through the creation and final setup of this inspired Discus hardscape aquarium. Using the Aqua Design Amano (ADA) Cube Garden 120-H, Horn Wood and Manten Stone, Jeff Senske created an aquascape that centers foremost around the elegance of Discus.


All credits: Aquarium Design Group