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ADA View | Wabi Kusa

In Film on October 26, 2011 at 13:50

The Wabi Kusa concept created by ADA is one that is ideally suited for newcomers into the aquatic hobby. It is extremely simple to create, yet being peacefully elegant at the same time. In Japan and some other countries, it is possible to buy the Wabi Kusa from local fish shops instead of creating your own.

In these two films, ADA demonstrates the steps needed to establish and maintain a Wabi Kusa layout. ADA recommends the Wabi Kusa layout for beginners as it is hardy and less complex. They also suggest that killifish and shrimp can be kept in such an aquarium set up as the plants will sufficiently filter the aquarium.


All credits: Aqua Design Amano | ADA View


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