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Nanyang Sea View

In Local Fish Shop on March 16, 2012 at 00:01

Nanyang Sea View is the last of its kind in Singapore. It’s more fish farm and warehouse than fish shop, the variety of fauna, flora and equipment that it carries is staggering. Located off a sleepy road at Jalan Kayu, Sea View has been around for a long time. When walking down the small road to the shop, it felt like we were in a different time period as we enjoyed our idyllic settings, far removed from the usual concrete jungle that is our nation. As such serene locations become increasing rare, so is Sea View. By the end of 2012, they will be relocating to another town, as the government takes back the land for urban development.

It is possible to spend hours lost in Sea View, overwhelmed by choice as almost every desire of our hobby can be met. Our 80 pictures are a testimony to the vastness of the shop, and we only took pictures of the more famous brands. On top of its splendid selection, the retail prices of Sea View are hard to beat. A store wide discount applies for all equipment and numerous individual discounts can be found on most fauna. Some equipment also spot individual discounts and when the store wide discount comes into effect on top of that, we were amazed at how much we save when we paid for our purchases. And unlike other fish shops that mark up their products before giving discounts, the original price at Sea View is consistent with what the market prices. For example, we were shopping for a small aquarium for our Betta Tank set-up. Comparing prices from Sea View and a few other fish shops, the aquarium at Sea View was on average 40% cheaper because of stacked discounts.

Customer service at Sea View was good, with staff treating you as a valued customer. We have seen the service standard improve over the years and we are impressed by the effort. In the woods around here, it is not uncommon to be treated rudely by staff. We have had our manhood called into question once, as we politely bargained for a $2 discount at another fish shop. The staff are generally knowledgeable and friendly, listening and dispensing advice on any problems you may have.

We can write much more about our visit but lets allow the abundance of pictures to do the talking. Enjoy your pictorial visit, to one of the last of its kind.



Nature Aquarium Academy

In Local Fish Shop on February 26, 2012 at 00:01

The owners of the Academy, from left: Raphael Draczyński, Martin Bunch and Paul Iglewski.

If you live in Poland and you are an aquascaper, then you are pretty lucky when compared to the rest of us.

Nature Aquarium Academy is a local fish shop that is just awesome for aquascapers. As its name suggest, they carry the whole range of Aqua Design Amano goods and the shop’s aquascapes are clearly inspired by the Nature Aquarium style.

The compact shop reeks of great character, we can just imagine spending much time there pouring over each aquascape, chatting with fellow aquascapers or just soaking in the atmosphere. It really reminds us of a cosy cafe to spend a lazy afternoon at.

Check out the films of the shop that were shot by Definite Aquascape. We need a shop like this locally!


credit: Nature Aquarium Academy | Definite Aquascape TV

ELOS Roadshow | Petmart

In Local Fish Shop on October 21, 2011 at 14:44

While passing by Petmart last Sunday, we were pleasantly surprised that ELOS Singapore held a one day road show at our favourite local fish shop.

Rather than to rake in sales, this experimental roadshow emphasised on interacting with the hobbyist, the sharing of knowledge, ideas, and to answer any questions.

Although only one ELOS aquarium was set up with mock corals, we applaud the effort and dedication that ELOS Singapore has made to understand the hobbyist better.

We hope that they will continue their outreach efforts and work towards roadshows that feature filled and operational tanks in our local fish shops.



In Local Fish Shop on June 7, 2011 at 00:01

Petmart is a fish shop located at Serangoon North, an area well-known for its vast array of pet related stores and fish shops. Petmart is easily one of the best well stocked LFS at Serangoon North and we have been frequenting them for some years now. It operates as a family business and has been around for a long time.

The first thing that you will notice upon entering Petmart is that it is packed with equipment, literally from floor to ceiling. It’s quite a remarkable sight and they do have stock for all regular brands of equipment. Even if you do not see what you are looking for, just approach one of the staff as they do have stocks that are out of sight.

Fauna choices are decent, with popular fauna such as Tetras, Crystal Red Shrimps, Corydoras, Bettas and Discus are available. However, the grade of fauna is more of the commercial market type, if you would like higher grades of a particular fauna, Petmart is able to arrange a special order.

Flora selection is very decent. All popular flora, especially large pieces of wood with attached Java Ferns, Anubias nana or Moss can be found. Hemianthus callitrichoides (HC), Glossostigma elatinoides (glosso), Elocharis acicularis (dwarf hairgrass), US Fissiden and Marimo Ball are just some of the flora that are regularly found.

The highlight in visiting Petmart and the reason for their success is the exceptional customer service rendered. They are easily one of the top LFS when it comes to customer service. We have recommended many a newcomer to Benjamin (Managing Director) and he has patiently and expertly took care of them, explaining to them the fundamentals of the hobby and ensuring that they spend what is comfortable to them while getting the job done.

Excellently stocked, coupled with excellent service, makes Petmart our preferred LFS. We highly recommend any newcomers or hobbyists staying around the area to pay them a visit.


Bangkok LFS Trip

In Local Fish Shop on May 7, 2011 at 00:01

We had the wonderful opportunity to visit some local fish shops in Bangkok over the Labour Day weekend. The first shop we visited was aquamarts, a well-known shop dedicated to planted tanks and high quality shrimps. The second, third and fourth shops were just common LFS that were found outside aquamarts, we could not get the names of these shops as they were in Thai. The fourth shop we visited was a real surprise though, good quality plants and lots of stuff dedicated to the planted tank hobby. The area we visited is right beside Chatuchak weekend market, behind JJ Mall.

Here are the slew of pictures we promised. Enjoy!


Second LFS

Third LFS

Fourth LFS