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ANS Nano Glass Filtration Pipes

In Filtration on July 28, 2011 at 17:50

After our article on the Power Men glass filtration pipes, we decided to track down the smallest commercial glass filtration pipes to see exactly how small they can get. The smallest we could find were by ANS, and they are so small, that we wonder if they are even usable.

These glass filtration pipes are really small, and we have included a 50 cent coin in our pictures as a comparison to how small they really are. Our first thought during this review was to wonder if there is such a small canister filter on the market with filter hoses that fit the width of these ANS nano pipes.

A search on the internet revealed that there is an interest for nano canister filters and because of this interest, aquatic companies have responded to the demand. Notable nano canister filters include the Eden 501, Rapids Mini and the Zoo Med 501 filters.

Because these filters are much smaller compared to other established filters such as the Eheim 2211, they often come with their own filter pipes and accessories. Even so, we have not found a commercially made filter that uses a hose size small enough to utlise the ANS nano glass filtration pipes.

The overall build quality of the ANS nano is good, better than the Power Men pipes in our opinion. The glass is clear, strong and without any deformities, similar to the Power Men, but the ANS nano pipes do not have the design faults that we highlighted in the Power Men.

The ANS nano uses a glass that is stronger than the Power Men but no less clear. We do not think it is because ANS uses clearer glass, but rather because of its minute size, there is no difference in its clarity when compared to the Power Men. We are glad that ANS has decided to incorporate glass that is pretty thick as this will drastically cut down the number of accidental breakages, especially when the ANS nano pipe is so small.

An issue we had with the outflow sprout of the Power Men pipe was that it was too small for its size. We are happy to report that the outflow sprout of the ANS nano is appropriately sized and should create a decent whirlpool, aiding in clearing the protein layer.

While looking at the outflow pipe from the side, the sprout protrudes from the body of the pipe by quite a fair bit, more than what we observed from other glass filtration pipes. Rather than this being a design error, we feel that it is a good thing as this nano pipe is really minute. Having it extend further into the aquarium will help it clear the relatively thick tank walls because no matter how small your nano aquarium is, aquatic tank makers do not usually produce an aquarium with walls that are thinner than 4mm in thickness.

The intake vents of the inflow pipes are cut nicely, even and smooth. This once again, is in contrast to the terrible cracks that were found on the Power Men glass pipes. Credit must be given to ANS for excellent quality control on their nano pipes, especially when it is more difficult to cut, and its a fraction of the price when compared to the Power Men pipes.

We have little trouble recommending the ANS nano glass filtration pipes because of their excellent workmanship and quality. The only trouble is, that we have not come across a filter that uses filtration hoses of this size.

If you know of such a filter, please drop as a comment and we will be happy to bring them in for a look.



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