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Eheim Air Pump 100

In Filtration on July 8, 2011 at 15:56

The Eheim Air Pump 100 is Eheim’s smallest air pump and can deliver adjustable air output to a single air tube. The bigger models, 200 and 400 are able to deliver air to multiple air tubes and they are all independently adjustable.

Technical Specifications

Pump strength: 98.28 litres per hour
Power consumption: 3.5 watts
Dimensions: 15.24cm x 6.35cm x 9.65cm

The two main criteria for any good aquarium air pump is its low operational noise floor and diaphragm reliability. Cheaply made air pumps tend to be much louder and not as long lasting, as less attention and effort has been paid to utilise technology in muffling the diaphragm’s vibrations.

The build quality of the Eheim 100 is of the usual superior quality that Eheim is known for. Superior rubber matched with high quality plastics are found throughout the air pump’s construction. Also, the design and quality of the diaphragm translates to what makes the Eheim air pumps famous, its extremely low noise floor.

The low noise generated by the Eheim 100 is exceptional when compared to other air pumps of the same category. Eheim accomplishes this suspending the pump diaphragm in a harness, that hangs in the middle of the air pump’s enclosure. The detachment of the pump diaphragm from the actual air pump’s enclosure helps in eliminating the majority of vibration that results from the diaphragm’s operation. The thick rubber that covers both ends of the pump also helps to reduce and dampen the transmission of vibrations to environments outside the air pump.

The dial that controls the amount of air output is large enough for easy handling and it has a sufficient amount of friction for precise control.

An aquarium air pump, such as the Eheim 100, will be required if there is a need to aerate an aquarium through an air stone, or to filter an aquarium using an air-driven filter. If only aeration is desired but the aquarium has space for an air-driven filter, we will advice using an air-driven filter instead of an air stone as it provides additional filtration capacity while aerating the aquarium at the same time.

The Eheim 100 is bigger in size than other air pumps of the same output. And this can be attributed to the space needed within the air pump’s internal enclosure to independently suspense the harness. When compared with the minute GEX Roka Boy Compact, the Eheim 100 appears huge.

There has been some feedback among aquarists that the Eheim 100 does not stay quiet after a period of time and its performance will drop. It should be noted that this is not just typical to the Eheim 100, but to all air pumps as the diaphragm suffers from wear and tear and has a limited lifespan. Unlike aquarium filters in which the impeller can be changed out, there is currently no option to change a air pump’s diaphragm.

However, it is not all bad news. We have been using our Eheim 100 for about 2 years and it has performed admirably, with no noise increase or drop in performance. The degradation of the diaphragm is inevitable, but the Eheim 100 should give you a few years of solid performance before succumbing to old age.

The Eheim 100 is one of the quietest, or the quietest air pump in the market today. If you are in need of such a low noise floor, the Eheim 100 gets our recommendation.


Product specifications credit: Eheim


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