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Aquarama 2011 | Singapore

In Pictorial on June 1, 2011 at 00:01

Singapore exports 20.71% of the world’s ornamental fish and this translates to a cool 319 million US dollars. Aquarama, in its 12th year, is a International Ornamental Fish and Acessories Exhibition that is held once every two years. This year’s exhibition boosts 112 exhibitors with big brands like Dennerle, Eheim, Elos, Hikari and Seachem taking part. There were also various aquatic competitions, discounted equipment sales and the introduction of new products. Aquarama is always a great time for retailers to meet their customers and for all aquatic hobbyist to bond together.

Here is our pictorial coverage of the event.

The new EcoPico in a marine set up. This Singapore edition comes with an Eheim pickup 2006 filter

One of the entries for the aquascaping contest. We felt that this aquascape should have won.

An ingenious way to represent 'foreground' flora

This is the winning aquascape. Very disappointing in our opinion.

Second place

This is the winning aquascape for the nano category. A very nicely executed aquascape that deserved to win. We love the placement of the rocks.

The nano aquascapes were housed in a Dennerle Nano Cube

Third place

Acrylic tanks are amazingly clear, not even low iron glass is this clear.

Dymax IQ series, quite well received among the nano aquascaping community

LED lights are all the rage these days

Seachem produces Prime and Excel, a staple for many of us

API. Another great aquatic chemical company

Another Chinese brand offering a substitute to ADA's CO2 Advance System

Eheim's new nano tank, the aquastyle. It will be in the local market in a month or two

The water outflow from the filter is a waterfall type. The LED light was bright, but not that impressive

Eheim's new aquacompact filter, designed for nano tanks. We think it is a smart move, and may replace hang on filters for most serious aquascapers due to the increased capacity for filtration media

When the first official pictures of it were published, aquascapers lamented that the attaching arm was big and would be an eyesore in nano aquascapers. After seeing it in person, it is smaller than what the official pictures suggest. We think it may work out

Eheim is launching lots of new products this year. The black internal filter is their new biopower filter, an 'internal filter with external filter technologies'. The green filter on its left is their Aquaball series, a very effective internal filter, reviewed as the best internal filter on Practical Fishkeeping

Eheim's biggest filter, the Classic 2260, the size of a small child

Interesting wall mounted tank.

Arctica. Highly regarded aquarium chillers



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