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Caridina cf. cantonensis ( Bee Shrimp ) Habitat

In Film on May 24, 2011 at 00:01

The keeping of Bee Shrimps have taken off quite spectacularly in the last 5 years. New colourations and grades are almost annual occurrences as breeders continue to work hard at selective breeding. Some fauna have gone through this process, with the Betta Splendens coming to mind, having been remarkably improved in form, shape and size through selective breeding. But unlike the breeders of the Betta Splendens, shrimp breeders have that much more incentive to breed the next ‘big thing’ because of the high premium in shrimp prices.

For a fauna that is known more for its existence in the tanks of breeders world wide than in the wild, Chris Lukhaup finds the habitat of the Bee Shrimp on an exploration trip sponsored by Dennerle and shares this film on YouTube. In the near future, we will be embarking on a shrimp series in which the different types of shrimp will be introduced.

Enjoy this film!


credit: Chris Lukhaup


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