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ADG 60cm Hardscape

In Film on May 19, 2011 at 00:01

With aquascaping on the increase in recent years, few aquarists these days will actually prefer an empty tank for their fauna. The only justification is that your fauna is best housed in an empty tank, for optimal health and presentation. Even for sensitive faunas such as Arowanas, Bettas and Discus which always have been traditionally housed in an empty tank, advances in aquascaping techniques and knowledge has led to workable aquascapes that have been design around their needs. jcardona1’s Wild Discus Biotope is a good example. (

However, some newcomers to aquascaping do not want the added task of caring for flora, yet they still want a good looking aquascape. The lack of flora takes away the need to ensure proper lighting, CO2 requirements and nutrients dosing. The reasons for wanting this lack are many; a limited budget, no interest in flora, a preference for a hardscape centric aquascape, limited maintenance time, are just some of the reasons.

Whatever your reason might be, Aquarium Design Group shows us how an aquascape without flora can still look good. We hope that this film will inspire those that are on the fence, to try aquascaping their aquarium. You will be rewarded with a beautiful aquarium and your fauna will love you for it. Enjoy the film!

(If you would like to watch the video in a bigger size, please view this article in a single page format by clicking the title)


credit: Aquarium Design Group | ADGVibe


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