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jcardona1′s Wild Discus Biotope (5)

In Build on May 18, 2011 at 00:01

Welcome to the final edition of jcardona1′s Wild Discus Biotope, those who have read the previous 4 editions will agree with us that it has been a most enjoyable ride. If you have missed out on Edition 4, it can be found here: Enjoy the pictures!

jcardona1: I took the time to get some nice photos of the tank! You’ll notice that I added 3 angels and a group of Lemon Tetras to the tank. The angels are the poor-man’s version of the majestic Altum angels, well, maybe one day. A few discus are missing from the 190g since they didn’t seem too happy. I think some internal bugs may have returned, so they’re currently being treated in separate tank. All part of the game.

And some new photos of the Alenquers in their QT tank. These guys are really looking amazing. They rarely show their mood/stress bars, meaning they must really be happy.

We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to jcardona1. His Wild Discus Biotope has been a work of art and an inspiration. We look forward to bringing you more editions of his future builds. Thank you for reading!

26th May 2011 | Pictorial Update 1


credit: jcardona1


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