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EvolutionZ’s 432 litres Aquascape

In Build on May 6, 2011 at 08:48

EvolutionZ is an aquascaper who frequents forums such as Arofanatics and Aquatic Quotient. We came across his beautiful, well-maintained 4 feet aquascape and took the opportunity to ask some questions. 

[TAG]: We would like to thank you for fielding this questions. Most aquascapes start with an inspiration, what was yours?
EvoZ: Actually I didn’t had any inspiration. I just went out to search for wood that fits my liking and tank size. I randomly place the woods to what I think looks best.

[TAG]: Takashi Amano, in his recent lecture, reviewed that he does not think too much when he scapes. It looks like you are doing the same, is this kind of natural expression better for aquascapers?
EvoZ: I won’t dare to say that I think the same way as master Amano, but I do agree that I personally, do not think too much of a scape as well. I just have to make sure the position of the wood is aesthetically pleasing.

[TAG]: What do you think are the most important aspects of maintaining a healthy aquascape like yours?
EvoZ: Keeping up the maintenance by doing weekly water change, daily fert dosing and regular trimming.

[TAG]: Could you share with us how much water do you change weekly, what is your daily fert dosing amounts?
EvoZ: I do 50% water change once a week. i dose Lushgro Aqua + kH2po4 for macro, lushgro Micros + seachem iron for micro and i dose them using EI method on a daily basis.

[TAG]: What filter are you using and why?
EvoZ: Im using the Fluval Fx5 + 3000l/hr SunSun wave maker.. Personally i believe in high and strong flow in a planted tank is very important.

[TAG]: What advantages have noticed by maintaining such a high rate of flow?
EvoZ: One noticable advantage will be decreased in dead spots.

[TAG]: Why is the decreased in the numbers of dead spots important?
EvoZ: Dead spots encourages algae to grow,  especially blue green algae.

[TAG]: How do you keep your aquascape algae free?
EvoZ: Right now the only algae im seeing in my tank is green spotted algae on the tank wall.. i manage to keep other algae away by slightly over dosing Co2 level in the tank. I keep ferts and lighting on the high side as well.

[TAG]: By slightly over dosing, what ppm or bubble per second are we looking at?
EvoZ: i am currently having 5 – 6 bps via a glass diffuser which makes my drop checker shows yellow.

[TAG]: Speaking of lighting, what is your photo-period and the intensity of your lights?
EvoZ: 4x54watt T5HO (7000k) for 10 hours daily.

[TAG]: What do you think about the future of our hobby?
EvoZ: I believe the trend for planted aquarium has always been there, be it locally or overseas. I do hope more shops dedicated to planted tank like Colorful and Nature Aquarium will start surfacing.

[TAG]: What are your plans for your next project?
EvoZ: I will be turning this scape to a low-tech tank. Most plants will be changed to low-tech plants, no plans to change the scape yet.

[TAG]: We look forward to featuring your rescape and thank you for taking our questions.

credit: EvolutionZ


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