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[Review] CAL Clip CO2 Checker

In CO2 on April 20, 2011 at 10:24

clip CO2 checker

CAL Aqua Labs, an established aquarium company that specialises in CO2 and filtration equipment has released the world’s first CO2 checker that can be placed outside your aquarium. They have named it the Clip CO2 Checker.

clip CO2 checker | side view

The advantages of placing a CO2 checker outside the equipment are multiple.

1. The Clip CO2 checker will stay clean and not need the periodic bath in bleached water.

2. The Clip CO2 checker does not get in the way of an aquascape. In-tank CO2 checkers in big aquariums are not much of a distraction, but they can be in nano aquariums.

3. The Clip Co2 checker may give you a more accurate reading of CO2. We think that if a CO2 diffuser and the Clip CO2 checker are properly situated in the aquarium, the position of the Clip CO2 checker at the water level, will ensure sufficient CO2 inside the aquarium because CO2 rises.

clip CO2 checker | front view

As hobbyists get their hands on the Clip CO2 Checker, we will report their findings on the performance of the Clip CO2 checker.

Update 4th May 2011: A direct quote from CAL Aqua Labs, “We’ve gotten many inquiries about the CLIP CO2 checker without the class stub. For those who plan to only hang the checker on the rim, the “CLIPn” is for you! It’s the same size and dimensions as the CLIP, but without the glass stub for an elegant, clean look. It’s perfect for hanging on the rim of nano tanks as well as other rimless aquariums with up to 10 mm glass thickness.”





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