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BorneoWild Stainless Steel Fill Pipe

In Filtration on April 19, 2011 at 23:07

Some years ago, ADA pioneered the glass and stainless steel filtration pipes as a alternative to the usual plastic ones. Glass inflow / outflow filter pipes are now common, with a variety of companies producing at all price levels. Stainless steel however, is still not used widely and only one other aquarium company makes it, BorneoWild (BW).

ADA stainless steel inflow

ADA inflow power jet

BW produces stainless steel pipes in two sizes, 13mm and 17mm. Their outflow pipe is an almost identical design to ADA’s Metal Power Pipe, except for the usage of two suction cups instead of ADA’s one. Their inflow pipe differs in the design of the filter guard. ADA’s inflow uses a stainless steel mesh strainer while the BW’s inflow uses holes drilled into a cylinder. ADA also has another outflow pipe that is identical to their inflow with the only difference being the size of the mesh strainer.

ADA stainless steel outflow

TAG purchased a set of the BW’s 13mm pipes for our filter. Overall construction feels solid and well machined, there were no kinks in the metal’s curvature. The clear suction cups feels thick and reassuring, one of the best we have seen.

BW stainless steel inflow

BW outflow screw thread

The holes drilled into the inflow pipe were uniformed and clean, a real work of quality. The filter guard is detachable and this facilitates the periodic clean. The two pieces are held together by a metal thread, the screwing on of the filter guard is not completely smooth, but good enough to be problem free. The holes of the filter guard are on the small side compared to the ADA’s, and filter output may be limited. We will report back on the performance in our tank build.

BW stainless steel outflow

The same degree of quality applied to the outflow pipe. The only thing to note was that not all the outflow pipes bend at the same degree. When choosing our outflow, we selected the one with a bend closest to 90 degrees. For those that may be purchasing these pipes directly from an online store, you may wish to specify that you want an outflow pipe that bends correctly. After being satisfied by how well machined these pipes are, we were disappointed that an important aspect fell underneath the quality control radar.

Value wise, these stainless steel pipes are well worth it. They cost quite a fair bit less than their glass counterparts and they do not break. If you are into the industrial look for your aquarium filtration pipes, these will make you happy.


credit: Aqua Design Amano



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