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[Review] Fluval Pressurised CO2 Kits

In CO2 on April 17, 2011 at 22:33

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Fluval has released two new CO2 kits, the Fluval CO2 20 Mini and the Fulval CO2 88. These CO2 cylinders are disposable and cannot be refilled. We see a strong design influence in these new releases as Fluval focuses on the industrial look in which ADA is famous for.

CO2 20 Mini

The CO2 20 Mini holds 20 grams of CO2. It can’t be said to be value for money as 20 grams of CO2 will not last very long. When compared to a refillable cylinder, the cost of replacing the CO2 20 Mini will increase dramatically over the long run. The included regulator does not have a pressure gauge and there is no visual way of telling if the cylinder is about to run dry. We understand that Fluval’s desire for a diminutive package may have resulted in such a omission.  But we feel it is regrettable as a 20 grams cylinder will not have a long lifespan and if the lack of CO2 from an expended cylinder is not caught early, the lack of CO2 injection will cause algae as lighting levels and fertilizer regimes are kept up. The one positive aspect of the CO2 20 Mini is its small size that will be perfect for 5 litres or smaller tanks, where the owner’s desire for matching equipment is more important than value.

CO2 88

The CO2 88 holds more promise. It will last 4 times longer than the CO2 20 Mini and its regulator comes with a pressure gauge, however, it is still a CO2 cylinder that is not refillable. In the West where refillable CO2 cylinder under 100 grams are hard to come by, we are fortunate that refillable 95 grams CO2 cylinders are easily available here.

As we have more options with nano CO2 systems, I believe that these new Fluval systems will not be widely used locally, but continue to do well in the west.


credit: Fluval Blog 


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